He is giggling like a school girl

Dude this is amazing.

Ok I couldn’t hold out until Friday.

I about lost my shit over “the Gazelle”

He just laughed so hard he had to sit up

The midget shit is killing me!!!

Freaking hilarious!

Bought the book…. Dad sat here and read it on my iPad for a while laughing his ass off

BTW. He is still giggling

Haha!!! So great

I like it. It’s entertaining as shit.

Can’t stop laughing

My kids are asking me why I’m laughing and crying at the same time.

I’m laughing so hard

I had a dream last night that I got an std, got three midgets pregnant, and one of their husbands was chasing me and I had fucking flip flops on!

Dude I can’t put it down my wife made me quit reading so we can go eat

This is going to be a cult classic!

I have to pee so for the fist time I sit and pee so I can sneak in a few pages!! 

The book was bad ass!! Your my hero!!!


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