Chapter 48 Logline

Chapter 48-The Nudist Camp

The guy handed me his business card, monkey business was more like it; he and his wife were naked on the fucking card!

nudist camp


Chapter 60 Logline

Chapter 60-The CU Next Tuesday

I knew when we got married that it would be the dumbest thing I had ever done in my life; I still kick myself every day for marrying that miserable skank!

Chapter 55 Logline

Chapter 55-The Professionals

If you have never been in a shower, arguing with a hooker about the temperature of the water, while trying your hardest not to piss on her; you really haven’t lived!

The Professionals

Chapter 28 Logline

Chapter 28-The Gift of the Vagi

As I was sitting there, scratching my genitalia with a Sam’s Wholesale ID card, I look over and this chick was holding a cup of purple piss; so help me God, it was purple!

Messages Image(57347757)

Chapter 45 Logline

Chapter 45-The Cruise

Beer and bare breasts, I knew it was only a matter of time before this scenario went awry; I was destined to fuck it up!

the cruise.jpg
I have no idea who these people are. I just grabbed the pic and hauled ass!

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