Ugly Trump Hater

Damn this dude is ugly!

julie-mitchellaFor someone who calls everyone else a tranny, I’m not so sure that she isnt packing a cock and balls down there herself.  Ray Charles could see that she has a dick!  Seriously, the ugliest bitch on social media just called Melania and Lara Trump dudes!  I swear to me, if she says anything about Ivanka I will shove an umbrella up her mangina!

Anyway, lets break down this ugly piece of transvestical trash:

  • Way to cover up the Adam’s apple
  • I haven’t seen hands like that since my uncle married a lumberjack
  • The only person hitting on you is your pimp after your Backpage tranny-gig didn’t pay. Hence the swelling under the left eye.
  • Your face looks like Caitlyn Jenner took a shit on it, wrapped it in Saran Wrap, and left it in a tanning bed


Send your roasts to and lets make her famous:






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