Trump Haters

Fans of the president-elect are stopping by to eat a taco bowl at the Trump Grill, visit the Trump bar, ride the famous escalators, and purchase Trump gear at the store. Others linger by the golden elevator doors, hoping to catch a glance at the president-elect or his children.

But for a minority, liberals who are still sad about the election, the sight of Trump Tower triggers them, prompting them to post pictures of themselves on Instagram flipping off the building with the president-elect’s name on it.  And that’s where El Dookie steps in:

UPDATE–Glad I took screeshots, they are deleting the pictures!

In town?  As in ‘in town’ alone because nobody wants to be around your goblin-ass face?


Señor Potato Head?


This isn’t political or anything, but get in my belly you Fat Bastard!

HUH?  Why would a guy finger himself in front of Trump Tower and take a selfie smelling it?

If only your dick was that big!  Three inches, tip to taint.

I didn’t know Joanne Nosuchinsky had a fat ugly sister!

That’s ok ladies, see that fence behind you?  Now picture your grandparents trying to crawl over it to get in this country for a free cell-phone.

Yeah, that’s what your doctor does when you go in for three voluntary prostate exams a week!

Who let the bucktooth retard out of it’s cage?


With a face like that, don’t piss off those fingers; they’re all you’re gonna get tonight you warty-faced cunt!

This dude looks like he should be on the cover of some old Clint Eastwood westerns:

The Good The Fag and The Ugly

The Outlaw Jizzy Wales

A Fistful of Dicks

Pole Rider

This chick is so fat, what’s with those couple extra tits packed in that sweater?

How much did you pay the “Token Black Dude” to put on some $5 sweatpants and get in that pic?

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Share in the Christmas cheer!!

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Yeah, Trump is #1!

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Overcome with #HOLIDAYSPIRIT

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