Episode 11

The El Dookie Show 10/21/2016

A humorous look at this week’s top news stories and the idiots that made them.  A morning at Waffle House, why Connor Brewer should play football by himself, Curt Schilling should throttle Elizabeth Warren, Brent Jones owns Colin Kaepernick, Josh Earnest snorts fart bubbles, why Hillary Clinton won’t shop at Ikea, why I never want to see these two in another debate, why Danny William’s DNA test is screwed, why I can’t make fun of Shepard Smith anymore, why Geno’s Steaks should have menus in 6,500 languages, how does a DNC shitmobile get away with dumping raw sewage in a parking lot, why Madonna should get a train run on her mouth, and why this entire thing is rigged.

Milliken University


Curt Schilling

Brent Jones


Josh Earnest


Furniture Thief 1

Furniture Thief 2


Danny Williams

Shep Smith


Geno’s Steaks

Shit Gate




Rigged System 1

Rigged System 2

Rigged System 3

Rigged System 4

Rigged System 5

Rigged System 6

Rigged System 7



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