JetBlue Fiasco


JetBlue put a child on the wrong flight and sent him to Boston as horrified mom waits at JFK; “I thought he was kidnapped!”

In exclusive audio, obtained by, the mother appears to speak no English when confirming the flight.

A 5-year-old returning home alone from a family visit in the Dominican Republic was placed on the wrong flight — and ended up 214 miles away in Boston while his panic-stricken mom waited at Kennedy Airport. Andy’s trip started innocently enough on July 28 — flying with his mom to the Dominican Republic for vacation. Martinez returned to New York after a week, leaving Andy with relatives. She purchased a ticket for him to return on Aug. 17, and paid an extra $100 fee for a JetBlue representative to escort him onto the plane.

Clueless JetBlue staffers, meanwhile, had presented a different 5-year-old boy to Martinez they thought was her son. It turns out that little boy — who was carrying Andy’s passport at the time — was supposed to be on the flight to Boston, and he was mistakenly placed on the plane to New York City.

Martinez has now retained high-powered lawyer Sanford Rubenstein to take legal action against JetBlue for their negligence, which caused her family so much emotional distress this summer.

It is worthy to note that Martinez doesn’t speak a word of English which may have contributed to the lost child.

 Jet Blue


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