Back to School

Well, it is that time of the year again.  Yesterday was the day that I hid from Facebook when everyone’s back to school pics come out.  You know, all those toothless sad frowns that scream ‘I won’t be able to play Pokemon Go all day long.’  That’s right kids!  Get your asses out of bed, grab a Pop-Tart, and shuffle off to that electronic wonderland they call class these days.  When you are not busy doing a multiplication table on some school-owned iPad, be sure to check out!

School is not so bad for some.  In an event that should be recognized by a patch on a letter jacket, teacher-student sex is on the rise.  While the student claims perpetual bragging rights, the teacher ends up watching striped sunsets through jail bars and reminiscing of a 17-second adolescent adventure.  While the norm has always been some slimy coach making the moves on girls in P.E., the most high profile cases have been with titillating teachers of the fairer sex, not some bald asshole with knee-high socks and Oakley Blades.

Here is a look at some of the high-profile erotic educators that took ‘See me after class’ to another grade level:

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